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Daddy's Little Bit Of Dresden China - B.A.F.T.A. nominated, multi-award winning animation film.  Read more...

'Daddy's Little Bit Of Dresden China' is considered to be a ground-breaking piece of British animation filmmaking, telling the story of a little girl trapped in a dysfunctional family while being abused by a trusted male authority figure.

Powerfully told, through the use of mixed media animation and unconventional narrative techniques, the film explores the issues of domestic violence and child abuse from within the confines of the patriarchal family home. It also highlights the persistence of societal myths, which traditionally serve as smokescreens for the perpetrator to hide behind and the situation to continue, undiscovered.

Made in 1988, for approximately £1,000, 'Daddy's Little Bit Of Dresden China' was the first animated film known to have successfully tackled the (then taboo) issue of child abuse. The film took approximately six months to make, earning a BAFTA nomination and numerous awards, including: 'The Mari Kuttna Award' for Best British Animated Film at the London Film Festival, a 'Silver Hugo' at the Chicago International Film Festival, and awards for Best Script, Best Soundtrack and Best Student Production at the British Animation Awards.

The film includes quotes from survivors, combining re-enacted documentary voice-overs with 3D animation, 2D drawn and collage animation, and scratched film. It was made as part of a BA (Hons) degree at the University of Creative Arts (WSCAD), originating from a short poem written by its creator, which never appeared in the film.

Despite now being almost thirty years old, 'Daddy's Little Bit of Dresden China' gained the 'Rights in Motion- Best British Film Award', this time at the 2012 BANG Nottingham Film Festival, where it was shown beside new humanitarian films and described as 'fresh, innovative and inspired'.  

The film has been screened on BBC2 and Channel 4, and has enjoyed a long festival life. It continues to be requested by new generations of filmmakers around the world and features on the BFI compilation video 'Wayward Girls & Wicked Women', and in several publications, including; 'Women & Animation', 'Understanding Animation' and 'Animation - A Guide to Animated Film Techniques', amongst others.

Daddy's Dresden China Text

Rostrum filming, using cut-outs to create an animated collage scene for 'Daddy's Little Bit of Dresden China' (Image from Roger Noake's book 'Animation').

Animated collage of the patriarchal figure in 'Dresden China'; created from magazine cut-outs and drawings. The image continually changes so the character has no fixed identity, highlighting the fact that this issue cuts across all cultures, classes and backgrounds.

To request a viewing of  the full 8 minute version or to commission the filmmaker, please contact:

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