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Rag doll character from the live-action / animation tale 'Sweet Heart by Karen Watson©NFTS, cinematography Lynne Ramsay
'Annie' from the Sharpest Witch Children's film (storyboard image) by Karen Watson (film©Kelloggs)
Sweet Heart by Karen Watson © NFTS (Image of Natasha Humphrey (Image credit /cinematography Lynne Ramsay)
Girl child made of feathers and bandages from BAFTA nominated 'Daddy's Little Bit of Dresden China'.
Pub scene, discussing social myths surrounding domestic violence - Animated film 'Daddy's Little Bit of Dresden China'.

From humorous children’s animation to dark, psychological adult fiction and documentary, music video and business promos, Karen Watson’s film and video-making spans a range of different genres and media, and employs a variety of styles and techniques.

Working across different sectors: commercial, corporate, independent and non-commercial, Karen Watson Film and Animation combines the filmmaker’s considerable experience in film, animation and television programme-making to tell compelling stories - and now, to also help businesses and individuals get their message across to the wider world.

Specialising in creative communications, Karen Watson produces a variety of inspiring work on many different topics. In television, she has covered: arts, culture and entertainment, food and cookery, and gardening - while as an independent filmmaker, tackling more difficult societal issues and taboo subjects; some of which are mentioned below. 

Daddy’s Little Bit of Dresden China - A BAFTA nominated and multi-award-winning animated film that uses a variety of stop-motion animation techniques including: 2D drawn and collage animation, 3D model animation and scratched film to explore the abuse of power within the family home.


The Sharpest Witch - A prize-winning children’s animated film, made as part of the Kellogg's Magic Mirror Animation Competition, and voiced by the award-winning actress Miranda Richardson. The film employs the classic 'Hansel & Gretel' fairytale narrative to create a modern day re-working, focusing on the impact of technology and consumerism on the environment. 


Sweet Heart - A dark, psychological rites of passage fairytale, with cinematography by the award-winning filmmaker, Lynne Ramsay. The film mixes live-action and 3D model animation to explore women’s body issues and the eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia - telling the story of a young girl’s difficult relationship with food and her changing body as she becomes a woman. 

Karen Watson Film & Animation is currently developing several projects focusing on health and the environment.


Slide show images from Karen Watson's films

Multi-layered cut-outs on glass. Animated pub scene high-lighting social myths and prejudices - from Daddy's Little Bit of Dresden China.

Sweet Heart - Animation/Live-action fairytale by Karen Watson ©NFTS (image credit/cinematography Lynne Ramsay)

Image from 'Sweet Heart' - Live-action and 3D model animation - fiction film - 19 minutes duration.

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