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Videographies - Written or video biographies for individuals or businesses. Make yourself the perfect candidate.

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, a sole-trader or a small business; whatever your profession, status or ambition, a great biography can go a long way to helping you:-   

  •  Get the attention

  •  Get the job

  •  Get the clients

  •  Get the customers

  •  Get the commission

  •  Get the funding

Whatever it is that you do or want to do - having a great biography, particularly a business videography that’s a bit different to the usual CV, or even a written biography, can go a long way to quickly capturing people’s interest and improving your chances of getting the attention and opportunities you want. 


A compelling biography can help put you ahead of the competition, fast - giving those you want to communicate with or impress, a clear idea of what your story is and what you can do for them. 

Even if you don't think you have an exciting story, background or work history, everyone is interesting in their own unique way - how your story is told, either on paper or on video, can make all the difference to the energy of it and the way you are perceived.

So whether you want to sell yourself, or your products or services, launch a project and need funding, have a cause you want people to donate to or join, or get more work or better work - an interesting biography is a great way to tell people why you are the perfect choice for them to invest in - or read about, if it's a life story that you want to tell. (Also see Memoirs)


A concise, professional videography or an even shorter business video promo, can also show that you are willing to invest in yourself and go that extra mile to get what you want.

Karen Watson's videography service is personable and efficient. There are no big daunting video crews (unless you want that for a big project), which makes it a more natural experience for you and a more affordable service.

Featured Business Videography (above) of the Yorkshire Sculptor, Christopher Kelly / Art Capitano, and some of the many exciting and varied sculptures he's been commissioned to make during his career.
Christopher Kelly Art Capitano Sculpture - Image © Karen Watson Film & Animation
Art Capitano, Christopher Kelly Sculptor at work- image © Karen Watson Film & Animation

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